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During the 2017 season things changed for 2wheels1loveJamaica when independence and respect dictated any future adventures.

  After a long meeting with the dedicated 40 Legger Trail Crew we decided to call our trail association 


  Realizing the need for change the crew was determined to use the word ZION to represent us as it stands for everything Rasta.

The entire crew are Rasta and our thoughts and skills are based on rasta ways and rasta treatments.  How we approach the people we encounter or the bird life we share the earth with guide our decisions and plans. We own no trails only sharing them equally and 

giving back to the communities we touch.  Yes I proudly agreed to use the word ZION even though I thought Bush Doctors would better describe what we do but the crew knows Jamaica bush medicine better than me and it's true that ZMBArepresents us better than any other description so we now are and will forever be;


 So ends the many years of garnering respect for 2wheels1loveJamaica and a following I hope to hold on to.  

This idea of a new beginning is merely the realization of what we have done over the last 3 months.  Shedding negative baggage seemed to be my only choice after all what we do...WHAT ZMBA does is completely different from the history of mountain biking I have experienced in Jamaica's Westend.   We have invested heavily in sustainable trails, building a solid quiver of trail specific mountain bikes, forming bonds with the communities we touch and most of all sharing the wonders we have encountered and the people we have met over the past two decades with eager cyclists.   Returning after 9 months away from our work and seeing it just as we left it was mind blowing and confidence forming for the entire crew.  Goldteeth and myself knew right away that our hard work we was standing up to the ever changing effects that mother nature delivers throughout the 6 months of rains and hurricane seasons.


With sustainable trails in place along with a proper quiver of trail specific mountain bikes built to handle the abrasive terrain we just finished a successful  season with some major tours going out.  A mix of seasoned riders along with some pros and intermediate level cyclists put their skill levels to the test some tasting fresh trails for the first time.  I also had the opportunity to lead some first time trail riders who ventured off the road & lycra and into the bush on 26" phat tyres &  some setting new personal bests.


  I am proud to say the bikes performed well the entire season with ZERO tech issues during any of our rides over the last  3 months.  Switching to Orange Seal sealant & new front tyre selections of Minion DHF and Magic Mary has ended tech issues.

 UST snakeskin tyres with UST specific rims have made riding a no brainer here in technical hell.  

Also the trails have held up nicely to the abuse and the berms have been worn & beaten now awaiting future love.

 The ZMBA is no longer located at the end of the desolate west end of Negril's cliffs.  The new location is next to the famous Marley MX111 Concert Venue so it is now centrally located half way between the beach and cliffs offering better time management for sun and fun, pub crawling and other various moments spent here in paradise.  Rides now end at Kirby's Canoe Bar across the road from the shop so you can get your wifi and Blue Mountain bodum fill ups while you recharge cooling off in the ocean.

This season we did some epic long days in the saddle and one in particular wifth some old friends led us to newly found old destroyed roads that led us to some amazing sights and summits.   Zimbali Retreat and Calico Jacks Pirate Island tops the list.

The largest challenge I have faced in Jamaica will come with a new dig site in 2018.  

Untouched rolling terrain that has deep history in the west end of the island and in my opinion the nicest estate land I have seen in all my travels here. Once a plantation now unrecognizable except for the odd century old path marks.

This neglected overgrown jungle will be a daunting task to attain sustainable trails and I will need a lot of help. 

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