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"The greatest challenge I have ever faced in Jamaica is Pandemic Recovery.

The neglected overgrown jungle has been a daunting task for the 40LBDC.

Every December we face the brutal job of over a month trail of clearing and

recutting  after seasonal damage but 2022 brought an almost unmanageable task.

All but ONE of our favourite trails was given life again but... 

the 40LBDC vows to bring back the coveted "Scrub'a'Dub Trail".

Zion MBA's 40 Legger Bush Doctors have built sustainable trails since 2012

Forward 2023 for good vybz and Irie adventures in paradise.

Marshall Paul-Trailblazer-Zion Mountain Bike Adventures


Experience a natural paradise and session technical Rambo trails hand built by Negril's


Get lost in the lush jungle setting rich in forbidden treasures and void of the rules of the big city.

Spending your days filled with good vibes, fresh foods, clean water and sweet smelling air will lead you

to days complete with no worries and no problems.  Rides may end at at that  hidden waterfall 

while others often wrap up on an endless beach, There are also those very special days spent off the grid

 in remote cabins preparing for tomorrow's adventures.  For almost two decades ZMBA has been

trailblazing Jamaica in search of the nicest terrain, lushest jungles, those rare waterfalls,  highest peaks,

historical sites and friendliest riding spots.  Basics for epic days venturing off the map to remote

Zion locations you might never see on any hotel tour.  From high in the John Crow & Blue Mountains

to the jungles of the north coast or off  to the tough dry limestone trails of Negril's  Westmorland Hills and even

 steep challenging rich red soil of the Santa Cruz Mountains on the south coast; Jamaica's rides are boundless.

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