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Whagwaaan ZION Mtn Bike Jamaica 2017

  Feeling blessed right now after the passing of Hurricane Mathew and having only water damage done to the trails we worked so hard on.  The farmers are also feeling the positive vibes of the nasty season missing Jamaica and heading north.  With the cold weather taking hold here it's time to start sharpening my tools for a tough trailblazing session and clean up starting after x-mas. The crew is eager to get back to the work they love to spend time on and I am thirsting for red dirt and clean air.


  We have developed quite the set up in Negril over the past 6 years and the acceptance by the Red Ground community by treating us like protected family is all we ever wanted.  Resistance to delicate locations we are trying to develop because of their remote manner was my challenge and my respect for their isolated work was key as well.  

Making friends or working relationships are hard to obtain when dealing with bushmen and isolation.  

Most are there because of the dire situations they find themselves in and the love of the isolated lifestyle. 

   2017 brings a new beginning for 2Wheels1LoveJamaica. The past season, 2016, was mostly spent trail cutting, grooming, digging and blazing new standards of what I am calling Jamaica sustainable tail building.  YES I even made excuses for not taking out tours and dismayed people from riding without proper riding shoes so I could meet my bros at the rasta shop near the trailhead at 7:30 for coffee from the Texaco and a safety meeting before heading out to dig. For me rising with the sun and working till mid afternoon seems to fit into my day perfectly.

   I know I might have left a few riders down by not making myself more available in February but the result was achieved by the dedicated work done by the 40 legger trail crew. We do not get paid and we have no local support apart from the community. The forign support can not be given as it's out of country. Red Bull will promote an event if we host a major "happening" but that would be a rare thing. So the crew, myself included, are paid a Jamaican wage unheard of by North American standards but we are content with the work as our accomplishments are all we really wanted.

  2Wheels1LoveJamaica tours will roll out on daily adventures based on the riders wants and yearns .Weather you bring your own bikes or we supply them I can GUARANTEE epic days on sweet trails with great memories made in the rare places we venture to and the amazing people you meet will most likely become your life long friends.  I can finally say with confidence that the trails are ready and the fire is burning. The locals are excitd seeing the familiar faces on those epic mountain bikes and yes rasta, Jamaicans adore bicycles.

 Massive respect from myself, Goldteeth, Spice, Farmer Mon, Nyah, Byron , Z, Mughead, Rusty, Bitchslapbob and all the crew.  We are looking forward to massive fun and great times in 2017 hitting up the trails and chilling on the 7 mile beach.

     just give me a shout out and we will make it happen........respect, guidance.....marsh

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