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March 21st 2020 we boarded Westjet's final repatriation flight out before the borders closed.

The plane was silent all the way home. I had strange feelings of relief for being rescued and also regret

leaving the place I consider my second home. As my seasons in Jah sun ends annually I feel I am prepared

for my time away with the knowledge I can work for half the year in preparation for next years adventures.

Zion Mountain Bike Adventures was experiencing it's most successful season to date as the tours were

rolling out regularly and the sustainable trail system we built was working out and ever growing.

As I sat on that silent plane the reality of our situation started to sink in and the future felt bleak.

I was thinking about my friends there and what they were facing along with the sad

thoughts of my trails deteriorating along with the bikes I have put so much Jah love into.

I did not even consider the idea of unemployment, endless lockdowns, health issues and all that entailed.

I was thinking about my crew and what horrors were in front of them with no tourism or support. 

2020 was my 1st winter spent in the great white north since 2000.

To say it has been an uphill battle is an understatement. Without the strength mountain biking

has given me I am not sure if I would have survived the journey I am on....... so forward....2022.

December 2021 brought the end to "no movement Sundays" and the 8pm to 5am curfew went to 10pm.

This season I will find out if our trail work has actually been done in a sustainable style.

For 21 months there have been no bikes on them just cows, horses, goats and locals.

Some of my best builds are hidden locations on rough terrain and each season they need major

clearing of the exits and entrances as building trails that are exposed to sunlight and not under

the natural canopy can overgrow in a few months no problem.

so the adventure continues.......forward 2022 in 40 Legger Bush Doctor style.



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