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Riding Zion Mountain Bike Adventure's XC Tech Bike Park in Red Ground & Good Hope.
There are various routes from the ZMBA HQ to get to the trails so the riders
can choose the path that suits their adventures in paradise and their comfort levels.
ROUTE !="The Biblical adventure" 
  We find ourselves in old Negril at one of our favourite pit stops "Canoe" where the road turns south and gets steep. You will find yourselves on the remaining broken red roads that takes us up through
 Old Red Ground to Good Hope where ZMBA has 2 trailheads. The Great House and The Graveyard are our 2 starting points that hook up all the trails forming what we call the Zion Tech XC Bike Park.
ROUTE 2="Hills and Chills"
Tour starts as we ride past Rick's Cafe and say bye bye to the cliffs as the road turns east as we hit the south coast.  ZMBA has built some adventurous trails that replace the boring flat roads and link them to the major climbs.  I have a few choices depending on skill sets to get up to the trail heads but this south coast tour also leads to the rarely ridden Mt. Airy Down Hill. This extremely old road is no longer an option for motorized vehicles making it a mountain bike heaven of a descent. We can also climb up this challenging ascent no problem unless it's wet. The Mt. Airy DH links to the ZMBA Bike Park on a trail called "Chef Snow's Cake Run" providing an option for stop overs as well at his bakery!
ROUTE 3="Rasta Vybz"
This is the fastest way to the trails for those on a short time limit.  We ride down the cliffs to the roundabout and head east to Whitehall road where the Texaco Station sits across from the AckeeTree 
Restaurant our base station and our 3rd soft trailhead. This Rasta shop is used by the 40 Leggier Bush Doctors pre and post dig days as we meet up at 7am to start our plan of attack. This shop is highly respected by the crew and we stop off for food and juices daily. The food is farm to table and jamaican prices. Chef Wall, Andy and the crew are family. ALL trails link into the Jangalee Graveyards ending and it pours out across the road from the Ackee Tree Restaurant.
Zion Mountain Bike Adventures  History-420
I landed February 2000 for a two week solo stay at Sea Castles located 10 miles east of Mo-Bay.
After insisting on staying in closed Sea Castle 4 penthouse I woke to Jamaica's bright sunshine and by
8am my only Jamaica connection welcomed me with Jamaica's finest fruits, odd breads and
superb ganja then he excitingly handed me a cut out from the Jamaica Observer that read;
I knew there was trails and i was going to find them.
 It was Saturday and also the first day of the fat tyre festival so I had to bust a move asap.
 Yes my day 3 was spent riding to Negril to find trails I heard about a month earlier on "Fat Traxx" a late '90s mtn. bike TV show.  I pulled up to the last house on Hylton, in the bush, after 6 hours on my 98 Rockhopper and met up with JAMBA's  Rusty and Linda. He said... head out with this group they are
riding a short tour and not knowing I rode and not drove the 70 miles I said meh OK i'm game.
The 2 hour ball buster opened my eyes to what real trail riding iS all about. There was no room for grooming these trails after all the idea was for JAMBA to use them for a few weeks in Feb. as an
expert XC race course. These were not groomed but were mostly cleared of downed trees by the
small local crew led by Rusty.  My early years in Jamaica [2000-2005] was spent taking out tours for
Rusty and trailblazing blindly off the beaten path.  Forward to 2005... Hurricane Ivan devastates all
trails in Red Ground and I spend 6 seasons trailblazing Robin's Bay and the Blue Mountain Trails.
 I returned to Negril, my 1st love, and decided to rebuild and trailblaze all of Westmoreland
not just the ancient 200 acre spice plantation where the JAMBA trails once stood.
This time trail building would be done sustainably.
In 2013 2WHEELS1LOVE was created with a mission to sustainablly trailblaze Jamaica.
After 4 seasons I was convinced to change the name to
 Zion Mountain Bike Adventures
and my crew chose their own name... The 40 Legger Bush Doctors.
So was born ZMBA and the 40 LBDC and the trails have grown and held strong.
Forward February 2020 the 20 year anniversary of my marriage to Jamaica.
2020 & 40 legger bush doctors
This coming 2020 season  brings me and my crew to new dig sites and yet deeper into the bush.
The challenge will be to connect all of the Westmoreland  Mountains with numerous play zones,
trail systems and tour destinations so riders can custom their own adventures.
Burning the ancient trails on the south coast and end up at Zimbali Retreat for the night.
 Then wake up and mountain ride for day 2 and end at Half Moon Beach,
Blue Hole Mineral Spring or various other nuggets I have developed. 
Each site must be complete with active trails like this season's newly secret location.
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